Tracy Murillo

really wondered at the beginning of the class whether the Courts of Heaven teaching was authentic. After listening for a while and hearing scriptures being recited and rich descriptions of Heaven described, I asked the Lord for clear discernment. Although the teachers were very confident in the teaching, I was skeptical. I think it is wisdom to clearly discern anything new. After three days of listening and taking notes and hearing remarkable testimonies of people’s lives being changed I wanted to experience this new way of entering Heaven and receiving revelation and answers to prayers. My ministry has always been about Freedom, and this seemed to be a great way of bringing it to me and others, but I wanted to experience it first for me personally. Each person in the group was asked to go with two leaders and get prayer for their own lives. We all took turns. Still wondering if this was real, I agreed to a private session. Not telling the leaders anything about my personal life they began to uncover some really painful places in my heart but the one I want to tell is about my son.

To give a background, he had been in trouble at school and with the law. He had rebelled and been so angry, we could not do anything with him but pray. Without telling Ron and others this information he began to see my son and me in a cage in the spirit. He said he was so angry. I began to cry. They didn’t know but when my son was seven, his Dad left us while we were out of town. It was such a shock and created such fear and anger in me that my son grabbed those feelings from me during this hard time. Later, my husband was restored into our family, but we were still holding such hurts in our hearts about his choices. This was five years later, and the Lord was answering our prayers to help me with my son. After pulling us out of those cages during that moment everything began to change. While I was healed of great abandonment, it was my son’s life that really changed. He started acting different–somewhat repentant–then he walked into our church one Sunday night and gave his life entirely to the Lord. He cried and cried, and the Lord softened his heart so greatly I could hardly recognize him. He and his Dad actually embraced that night and have been getting to know each other ever since. He has been writing music and singing for the first time in his life. His life has been totally transformed, and I know it was fruit from this Courts of Heaven time in prayer. After this experience, I have been a part of many Courts of Heaven sessions for my family as well as friends. Miracles have happened, and significant breakthroughs have come. Ask me, ‘Are the Courts of Heaven are real?’ Yes–I dare you to test it! It will transform your life and open up your eyes to see Heaven in a new way.

Thanks to all who have labored to teach and bring this new way of prayer to us. May your fruit be grand.


  • michelle mayfield

    Hello,how can I be included in the broadcast to ask questions? I’m in the process of reading the books but it’s a long process for me.I have been suffering with insomnia for months now and I need help thank you

    • Ron Horner

      Hi Michelle, We don’t always open up the mentoring calls for questions, but often do. We don’t have a set schedule concerning that, simply following the leading of Heaven concerning it.

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