Personal Advocacy Sessions

Personal Advocacy Sessions


Regular requests come to us for assistance in the Courts of Heaven. We have teams of experienced advocates to assist you in the courts. Each session is conducted via a private webinar and includes myself and a gifted seer (in most cases). We have testimony after testimony of fruitful sessions in the Courts of Heaven. Typical sessions are either one hour or two hours in length depending upon your selection, and often are conducted weekly until all pressing issues are resolved.

Our price for these sessions is $100 for a 1 hour session, and $200.00 for a 2 hour session. We often get requests from people unable to afford the costs. In that event we ask that you email us with your request and the details of your situation. We sometimes have funds for persons in this situation, but availability varies.

While we respect the work of other teachers concerning the Courts of Heaven, our methodology may be different, therefore we request that you be familiar with our materials.

We do request that you do certain “homework” prior to beginning your sessions with us including having read, “Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven,” “Overturning Verdicts from the Courts of Hell,” and “Engaging the Courts for Ownership and Order”. (The books are available from this site). Other reading or assignments may be required. If you know of Freemasonry in your lineage (or in your own life), we recommend you also go through “Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry.” It is not a book of renunciation prayers. Rather, we uncover the false verdicts at each degree level and seek to get them overturned in the Courts of Heaven. The difference is striking. All these books are available from this website.

A key element in successful resolution of issues in the courts is the willingness of the participant to repent for themselves and their generations. The more willing we are to repent, the more things can change in your situation.


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My eyes have been opened. I have a greater awareness of how HS operates, how powerfully he moves when we open access and allow him to lead us. I’m excited about all that’s available to us in the courts, and welcome the opportunity to learn more, to develop my spiritual abilities.


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