Melissa Chavez

My name is Melissa and I’m 26 years old.  At the beginning of this year I began applying the principles found in this book, I went into the Courts of Heaven on behalf of myself and my family. At the time, my mother had been hospitalized for a few months and was in a coma for two of those months. My father was being hit with a lot of oppression. My siblings and I didn’t have much of a relationship and they themselves were not serving God. As soon as I began breaking off the accusations off our family, I immediately started seeing things turn around for us all. My mother started waking up from her coma, which that in itself was a miracle! I remember going to visit her at the hospital and while having lunch with my father, he began speaking to me about his dreams for the future. Now, you have to understand that he wasn’t a man to do such a thing, so I knew that the oppression and hopelessness in his mind was being broken. My brother found his way back to a Charismatic Christian Church which was amazing, he even brought two of the ladies from there to come and sing worship songs with my mom and pray over her. One of my sisters and I have been getting along much better and the other one is now serving the Lord. I’m so thankful for the lessons this book teaches, it is definitely a tool needed in the body of Christ to receive the freedom given us and our family members!

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