Our Seminars

Our Seminars

We conduct seminars on each of our books with variable lengths of time. Whether you need a one day Seminar to multi-week/multi-book schools, we can accommodate.

We have worked with groups ranging in size of less than a dozen to several hundred. We are quite flexible in this regard.

Here are our options:

One Day

Courts of Heaven Intro Seminar – An intensive one day event usually starting at 9:30AM and ending around 4PM with a light lunch break. This will cover the concept of operating in the Mercy Court. The Courts of Heaven: An Introduction book is the focus of this seminar.

Overcoming Verdicts Seminar – A one day intensive focused on the Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell book. The recommended schedule would be 9:30AM-4PM with a lunch break.

Overturning Freemasonry Seminar – Our one day seminar focused on gaining your freedom from Freemasonry. It will be spiritually intensive as it involves group settings working through the court scenarios presented in the book Overturning the False Verdicts of Freemasonry.

3 Day Workshops

Courts Intro & Overcoming Verdicts Workshop (3-day) – Basically a combination of the Courts Intro & Overcoming Verdicts Seminar with more content. Typically a Thursday evening, Friday (all day), and Saturday (all day) event.

Courts of Heaven 3 Day – This course will be an immersion in the Mercy Court, Court of Scribes and Court of Angels with actual courtroom activity by the participants. The Courts of Heaven: An Introduction book will be the basis for the workshop.

Overturning Verdicts of Hell 3 Day – Similar to the COH 3 Day, it will focus on recognizing and dealing with false verdicts. The book Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell will be the basis for the workshop.


One Week

Engaging the Courts of Heaven School

This school will teach on engaging the realms of Heaven as well as learning to engage the Courts of Heaven successfully.

Two Week

Nation Changers School

When we conduct a two week school we seek to establish an ecclesia to carry on the long term work of nation-changing. The first week will focus on the Mercy Court, Court of Scribes & Court of Angels. The second week will focus on recognizing and overturning false verdicts affect the nation.

. . . . . . . . . .

We can also provide customized seminars for your group. Please let us know what you are seeking to accomplish.

If you are interested in having us work with you or your group, please contact us using our contact form.


The Courts of Heaven Introduction book is geared to practical instruction, understanding and identifying accusations, and practical application where we access the Courts of Heaven to get accusations dismantled.

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Engaging the Courts of Heaven Conference – Level 2

Engaging the Courts of Heaven
Level 1 +
May 15-18, 2019
Bethel Church
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Thank you Dr. Horner, after this session, for the first time in 5 years of marriage, I experienced a breakthrough to be the only bride of my household. There were visible winds of change even in the weather all night. Next day, I received a double portion of blessings and recognition. The veil of oppression lifted over my marriage. Thank you for addressing the unspoken and exposing secrets of darkness to help bring freedom. Double portion blessings to your ministry.

Florence Mounir

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